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Case Study - Red Bull

Rookies Cup

Red Bull was already running a phenomenal racing series for the top 13-16 year old street bike racers in Europe for 2 years before launching a similar series in the US in 2008.  What started off with more than 600 applicants was narrowed down to the top 23, who were invited to be part of the inaugural Red Bull Rookies Cup, a series of races where these young riders would compete on the same tracks and in front of the same massive crowds as the professional AMA & Moto GP racers.

Agency 225 offered up the idea of producing a series of documentary shorts featuring these riders and their coming-of-age experience. These mini-docs aired on Speed during their broadcasts, as well as spreading virally via each kids MySpace, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and many other social networking sites.

The media value for the 10 mini-docs has been estimated at more than $1.4M by Red Bull.