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Rap Sheets - Chris Mosera  

Growing up the Jersey Shore, and being faced with writing a daunting 40-page report on the environment while in 6th grade, Chris thought a film would be more effective and convinced his teacher into letting him produce and direct what would be his first short.  Since then, filmmaking was his only avenue to get through high school and college without ever having to learn home economics or calculus. 

However, it was at the acclaimed Florida State University Film School where his love for creative storytelling grew, getting hired by the local television station to produce and direct commercials as well as feature stories.  After graduating, he took a production job with Saturday Night Live.  Although short lived, Chris learned a ton about filmmaking (and also the way David Spade liked his latte), but like any restless creative mind, he felt his talents were being wasted on coffee production and not film production, so he left to carve his name into the white vertical canvas of the Rocky Mountains making snowboard films. 

Shortly after being showcased in the Breckenridge Film Festival, Chris’ talents were noticed by advertising giant J Walter Thompson where he started as a copywriter.  Within 3 years, he as the Associate Creative Director, and months later the head Creative Director of the Western Region, in charge of the $95M Ford Motor account.

But something was wrong; some crazy mix up cast him in the position of Senior Partner and it was here that he discovered that board meetings had nothing to do with a surf or a snow “board.”  Chris was more interested in brainstorming killer creative ideas so he left to start Agency 225 and his ideas wouldn’t get bottled up in corporate red tape and insider politics. 

In addition to thinking way outside the box, Chris still keeps his eye razor sharp by directing all the creative that Agency 225 develops, helping Agency 225 be truly non-traditional, saving the step of wasting time and money hiring outside production companies, who tend to like their private jets a lot. Five years later, Chris has shot national and regional spots, documentaries as well as webisodes for some big name clients like Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Blockbuster, Red Bull and Nicorette, all the while continuing to attend “board” meetings on a regular basis.