Agency 225


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Case Study - Red Bull

Pit Stop in Times Square

When Red Bull wanted to pull off a pit stop guerilla-style in Times Square, they knew who to call.  Pranksters by nature, Agency 225, with Mosera at the helm, carefully orchestrated the one-take stunt in the heart of the city much like a bank heist.  Although never admitting to actually robbing a bank, they certainly knew how to get a four-tire change on an 850-Horsepower race car in the middle of Broadway traffic all before the light turned green and the cops lights turned red.  It was the first (and most definitely the last) pit stop in Times Square, and the thousand onlookers that caught it live had a thrill of a lifetime.

In addition to the hits on YouTube, the event was featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, made ESPN’s “Top 10 Highlights” as well as hundreds of stations throughout the country, generating more than $2M in media value.