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What the heck do we do?

Even our parents don’t know what we actually do, but heck, you just might. Agency 225 is known for it’s non-traditional approach to advertising, particularly on the broadcast front. Whether it’s branded entertainment or a viral video, we’ve done it. Just don’t tell our parents ‘cause they think we have normal nine-to-five jobs.

We also are considered pioneers of the Digital Signage industry (hey, that isn’t self-named, we were actually called that). In 1991 (yeah, so last century) our founder built and launched Blockbuster TV, the in-store network inside 7,500 Blockbuster stores. For more than 14 years, we increased sales inside the retail giant of the 90’s by an average of 15.6% -- that’s an awful lot of additional popcorn and movie rentals!  Since then, we continue to play in this industry, and now produce original content and operate networks in a variety of vertical markets, and continue to move the ‘sales needle’ wherever we go.  Give us a call if you’d like to discuss!