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Case Study - Nicorette Racing

Getting Noticed

When Nicorette called Garage Films about their foray into NASCAR and their sponsorship of the Ganassi 41 Car, they spoke about how they were going to have professional quit-smoking counselors at exhibits outside every race.  While certainly a great market to target, they were lacking a few pieces to the puzzle, like how to get people to their exhibit. 

Agency 225 decided to use the 20-foot LED screens that were built into the large semi’s that housed the exhibit to produce attention-grabbing racing videos that would attract their target – the true racing fan!  Between a series of beautifully filmed music videos cut to some of today’s hottest music to soundbites with the drivers themselves, including Jeff Gordon, it was a huge success and helped Nicorette get more than 150,000 fans in three years to make a quit attempt.  Now that is marketing with a purpose!