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Case Study - Nicorette

Organic Branding with the Deadliest Catch

At the end of season 3 of Discovery Channel’s hit series The Deadliest Catch, a special episode aired entitled ‘After the Catch,’ featuring the captains back on shore.  What caught Chris Mosera’s eye was how much these guys, who risked life and limb out at sea, were massive chain smokers.  The light bulb went on and he called Gary Halpin immediately.  How can we get our client Nicorette to help these guys quit smoking?

After one call to the Endeavor Agency, they were on a call with Original Productions Executive Producer Tom Bears, who thought the idea was genius and could raise the stakes on the show. Nicorette has always promoted the idea that it takes a lot of support to quit smoking, so it was brainstormed that Nicorette would match the bounty for the entire crew, basically doubling their take, if the captain of their boat would not smoke with the support of his crew.

Partnering with Nicorette’s ad agency, Arnold Worldwide, who also thought it was a fantastic organic branded-entertainment concept, the idea caught fire and moved quickly.  Look for it soon on an episode of the hit series.